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Between 2012-17 Grace A Williams was the Gertrude A Bowater award holder for practice-led PhD research based at the Centre for Fine Art Research, Birmingham School of Art working on the thesis The Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick & Mediumship: Assembling a Field of Fascination in Contemporary Art. The research utilised the philosophical framework of New Materialist Feminism, drawing on the authorship of Isabelle Stengers, Karen Barad & Elizabeth Grosz, to interrogate the performance and sexual politics of the female body within the fields of Mediumship and Magick, with a specific focus on the materialising mediums within the Thomas Glendenning Hamilton photographic archive.




Director of Studies: Henry Rogers, Glasgow School of Art

Second Supervisor: Professor Johnny Golding, Royal College of Art

Second Supervisor: David Cheeseman, Birmingham School of Art & Tintype Gallery

External Examiner: Katy Macleod, Reader at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University London



- Nibs & Swallows: Women’s work in The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham c.1880- 1941 'Women, Work and Commerce in the Creative Industries' Uni of Westminster (Feb)

Peak Paraconceptualism 'Occult Performances and Reflections: The everyday occult in visual culture', AAH Annual Conference, Uni of Brighton (April)

- The Uncanny Valley to Singularity, Imagining the Apocalypse, The Courtauld Institute of Art (October)



- Introduction to Denis Pellerin London Stereoscopic Company, The Courtauld Institute of Art

Three Days of Fat, Kings College London

- In Conversation, The New Art Gallery Walsall with curator Zoe Lippett 

Art History: Undisciplined, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Panel Chair 'Radical Curating vs Curating the Radicals'


- Ectoplasm, Feminism and Materialities, Friday Lecture Series, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow School of Art

Claircognizing Practice in Research, Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Art

- The Town of Witches: Triora Transfixed, AHRA Conference 2017, Birmingham City University 

- How to let artists work in response to your archive, Sackler CPD Programme Study Day, Contemporary Art Society at The New Art Gallery Walsall.



- The Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick & Mediumship: Assembling a Field of Fascination in Contemporary Art, Research Practice Practice Research, Fine Art Research     Network Symposium, National Association for Fine Art Education, University of Cumbria



- Taming the Shrew: Contemporary Art & Gothic, Gothic Conference, Library of Birmingham. Convenor: Dr Serena Trowbridge, Birmingham School of English

- Perception in the Folds: The Requirement of having a Body, Erotic Cloth Colloquium, The Art Workers Guild, London. Convenors: Professor Lesley Millar, University     of the Creative Arts and Alice Kettle, Manchester Metropolitan University



- Vanishing in Plain Sight, Keynote with David Cheeseman, Twice Upon a Time: Alchemy, Magic & the Transubstantiation of the Senses, Birmingham School of Art - The Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick & Mediumship, Festival of Imagination, Selfridges Birmingham Bullring



- Ectoplasm, RESCON13, Birmingham City University

- New Art West Midlands Artist Talks, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery





- A Myth of Fat Magick, Three Days of Fat with Thought Collider. Kings College London.


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